Your Brand Consistent Look Design

There are virtually millions of businesses that reside in the modern Social Media world and you probably have quite a few competitors that are already marketing to your client base.

How do you stand out? How do you spark your potential client’s attention?

Your Social Media Profile Cover image (Header)  is the face of your company and has to represent what you stand for.  It has to instantly catch your lead’s attention and have them sign up for your page updates. That is why Outsource Hub had is now offering this amazing service to not just our current clients but other entrepreneurs too.  And as Forbes contributor, Jayson DeMers stated in his article about the ways to increase your Facebook Likes “Make sure your page’s branding and design are professional and consistent. When people come to your page, it only takes them a split second to decide whether to like it or not; make sure your page accurately conveys your brand’s voice and image. ”

Our professional Brand Consistent Look Package is for you if:
  • you have yet mastered the marketing message etiquette, but do want people to like your page or sign up for your newsletter
  • you cannot afford to hire a graphic designer quite yet, but understand that your cover images cannot wait to look professional
  • you realize that people spend up to 3 hours a day on different social media platforms and you have to make sure they can find your business there
  • you understand that people spend 4 seconds or less looking at your profile so you have to make sure it has the right call to action

If you recognized yourself in one or more of your statements, that this package is definitely what you need!

What’s included in Your Brand Consistent Look Package:
  • 3 images for any of the main social media platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Google+)/ website banner/ company newsletter banner or any other media . All of them delivered in the appropriate size
  • Call to action to subscribe to your profile updates/ company info and/ or motto
  • Royalty free stock image to carry a consistent look across all your platforms
  • Use of your company colors and logo.
  • Files delivered in the high quality PNG format
  • Delivery time – 3 business days

Get it for $49.95 today

and receive a complimentary Style Guide for your Brand!