Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Make the Wheel Better!

Since starting Outsource Hub, a lot of folks have asked precisely what it is that we do as a company. We take great pride in providing an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs understand not just the value of outsourcing aspects of their business, as this is not a new concept, but also making it more applicable – especially in the arena of real estate investing.

So this got me thinking – we don’t have a groundbreaking, cutting-edge invention that’s new to the marketplace. But the same is true for a myriad of other products and services out there. Innovation alone does not create value. However, the application of someone else’s innovation used effectively and ethically in the right context has the power to create massive value. And this is our approach, whether offering automated services and techniques, training courses, or consulting services.

This takes me back to an old 1990s commercial by BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world. I grew up in the 90s and remember this ad clearly, but may not have understood what it is BASF was.  But I love their slogan: “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better”.

No, this is not a shameless plug for Outsource Hub (hint, hint)… but this post is actually to inspire you to challenge yourself, and ask yourself if you see the world differently than others, and if so that’s OK. Don’t get stuck with the mentality that you have to create a product from scratch to make a difference in this world. Excellence is doing ordinary thingsBuild on what other creative geniuses have done before you. And this is not just about creating products or services either, but is applicable even in your own current business. Take real estate investing for instance. Many of you have bought countless products, softwares, services, etc. — and honestly, some are amazing, while others are scams. It’s the nature of the beast. However, just because one product is advertised to be one way if followed precisely to the letter, doesn’t mean that it will be perfectly applicable to you. Only you know that. So take the tools & skills you learned, but add your own personal touch that makes it work for you. And as a result, make it better.

Stand on the shoulders of others, but let your uniqueness shine. And re-coin BASF’s slogan to be “You don’t make a lot of the products you use, you make a lot of the products you use better!”