REI Software comparison

In this article we decided to compare 3 different platforms that we used personally for the real estate business marketing automation: Freedomsoft, REI Blackbook and AllClients, because these questions come up a lot around real estate investors’ forums:

  • What REI software to use for marketing automation?
  • How much should I spend on a software?
  • Is it worth paying for the software I got in my package (if they went to some classes and bought a pre-packaged deal)?

These are all very valuable questions and every person who is using one or another software will have his/her own opinion. Some will say it sucks only because they couldn’t figure it out and others will say the same because they used it and it really was not so good for multiple reasons, while others will be totally happy about the product they use.

It’s really hard to get an unbiased opinion because we are all different, our needs are different and especially our level of comprehension is so different too. So we did our best to help you with this hard decision and created this comparison table, that will help you decide for yourself, what will best work for your business at the current stage.

Please remember that features may change with time and please feel free to share your own experience with any of these products in the comments below.

All Clients
Licensing Fee N N $997
Monthly cost $97


Can vary depending on features

Multi user free extra $15/MO N
Deals Tracker N Y Y
Landing Pages unlimited unlimited unlimited
Autoresponders N Y Y
Email Blast/Broadcasts Y Y

Integrates w/Google

Calendar and TO DO list N Y Y
Property Marketing & Syndication Engine N N Y
Single Property Sites Unique website URLs for each property you want to market Y N Y
Websites 3 (limited customization options) N/A 3 (wider range of customization options)
Bird Dog Engine N N Y
Deal & Profit Analyzer Y N Y
Offer Calculator Y Y Y
Money Portal Connect with Private & Hard Money Lenders directly on your deals N N Y
Resources: Document library N N Y
Network Community Y (limited – only for posting/viewing other members’ deals) N Y (full range of networking possibilities)
Live support Email Support Email Support Free One-on-one calls
Cash Buyer List Find list of recent cash buyers Y N N
Phone Management System Dedicated Phone Number/Line with 24/7 Recorded Messages and Tracking N $20/MO + PAY PER USE No Monthly fee! PAY PER USE only

There are virtually hundreds and maybe even thousands of other platforms you will hear about, AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zoho CRM, Podio the list goes on… Any of them can be used for your real estate business if you are not looking for industry specific features and just want a CRM with ability to send autoresponders for example. Great website to check out for reviews of each of them is Software Advice. They had 336 platforms under CRM platforms last time I checked. Zoho and Podio are actually a lot more complex and you can build your own features, but if you are not an automation ninja, stick with the things that are already done for you. With these guys you will need some developer skills and a very clear picture of what you want to make out of them.

I really hope this article will help to clear out the air for you. If you have questions or comments, please put them below and our team will do our best to address them!