4 Free Tools for Content Sharing Automation

If you are a true leader you probably read and learn a lot. If you are like me, you have your Hour of Power sessions when you read and research.  Many times you come across great content that you’d like to share with your audience. The challenge is that if you share all your interesting articles at once the chances are that your audience won’t see it, because in this digital age our social news feeds get updated every second and unless your followers come specifically to your page to see what kind of cool stuff you got for them today, it is probably going to get lost in their newsfeed. So your goal to make sure you share your content on the best days of the week and on the best times of the day. Can you possibly accomplish that? Probably not unless you are a social media manager who stays online for hours and manages accounts live.

The following 4 tools help me share OPC (other people’s content) throughout the day and week while I’m busy with other work. This is not just a list of automation tools but instead these 4 tools make a complete content sharing automation machine if used together. So pay attention and don’t miss any steps!


  1. Start with signing up for Feedly and add content by choosing the blogs, publications or topics you like to read about.

4 Free tools for content sharing automation | Outsource Hub - Feedly

Some great Blogs for real estate investors to follow are:

Of course there are more great blogs, so if you have some suggestions please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

  1. Now get Google Chrome extension for Feedly so you can easily use it with your browser.
  2. If you have a smartphone, you can also get an app for Feedly. It will allow you to read articles from your favorite sources straight from your phone or iPad.


Now let’s talk about Pocket. That’s the app that will allow you to store articles that sparked your interest but you do not have time to read them right that moment. Just like Feedly, I have Pocket app on my iPhone and an extension for my Google Chrome browser.

4 Free tools for content sharing automation | Outsource Hub - Pocket extension

What else is cool about the Pocket that you don’t even have to always read the articles you have saved! You can listen to them! Yep, you read that right! Driving and got some time to catch up on the saved to Pocket articles? Go to your phone app, plug your headset, pick the article and listen to it. Voila!

4 Free tools for content sharing automation | Outsource Hub - Pocket

Pocket also allows you to easily add the articles you read to you Buffer queue. And there are a couple ways to do that, but we’ll cover it the next section when we talk about the Buffer App. which brings us to part 3.


Get setup with Buffer app same way as the previous two tools: sign up for a free account, Get Chrome extension and download the phone app.

Free account allows you to connect up to 4 social media accounts. So let’s say you choose Facebook Business Page, Twitter, LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Business Page. You can always upgrade for an Awesome plan for just $10/month (or $102/ year) when you are ready to connect more accounts!

Once your accounts are connected, set up the schedules for each account. This can be changed later on as you will be monitoring your interactions, which Buffer will help you with. Try their Optimal Timing Tool, which will suggest you the best time for your posts. You can always learn more about how to use this tool from their Blog and email Newsletter, which I suggest stay tuned for.


Now let’s add one more ingredient in this content sharing automation mix. Go to IFTTT.com and get an account. This tool is too awesome to cover everything it can do it this one post, so I suggest you go watch this Video Tutorial (24 min) at your leisure, but for now, I want you to go ahead and connect your Buffer, Pocket, Twitter accounts to it.

Now let’s create some recipes. There are virtually thousands of amazing recipes you can set up using IFTTT that will help you to automate your business or personal life. I suggest to do a little research into existing recipes and see if you find any cool ones that might be helpful. In the meantime there are 3 you can start with right away that will allow you add a little automation in your content sharing strategy:

  1. Add your favourite Pocket articles to the Buffer queue to be shared in the scheduled time. What this recipe will allow you to do is automatically add articled you market as “favourite” in your Pocket to Buffer.
  2. If you are a twitter user, you might scroll through your newsfeed a few times a week or maybe each day, there could be some interesting articles you’d like to read later. How to store them to come back to them later? This recipe will allow you to save your liked (favourited) tweets in your Pocket
  3. Just like with Twitter, there are times when you see an interesting article on Facebook but do not have an opportunity to read it right the way. This recipe allows you to save to Pocket if you share the desired posts to “Only Me”.

4 Free tools for content sharing automation | Outsource Hub - Facebook & Pocket

This completes my content sharing strategy. All these tools are super easy to use but I still suggest to read their blogs and learn the tips these brands have to offer about the usage of their products. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Did you find this strategy useful? Did yo face any challenges? Do you have anything you would like to share from your personal experience? Looking forward to seeing your comments below!4 free tools for content sharing automation - bit.ly/automationtools

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