3 Questions to ask yourself before you say the “O” word

Everyone wants to outsource. It’s the famous buzzword that every entrepreneur hears makes the difference in facilitating their success, while giving them more time back in their life. Heck, it is in the name of our company – Outsource Hub. I’m writing this not to teach you how to outsource, or explain how outsourcing works (that is the mission of Outsource Hub), but to talk about what you need to know before you even say the “O” word.

Fact: Not everyone should, or is ready to outsource

1. Where are you with your business?
2. How much do you know about your industry?
3. And most importantly, do you understand what your roles are once you start outsourcing?


This isn’t to say you need to have tons of experience behind you, and be an industry leader in order to start outsourcing. Yes, experience does count for a lot. But experience isn’t only measured in months or years. What I’m talking about is having a command of your industry. You cannot outsource what you have not done yourself before. This is so important. Perhaps one of the most desirable parts about outsourcing is that you can now delegate the tasks that you hated the most. Perhaps it’s calling prospects, or researching for prospects online. But if the things you hated doing are vital to your business success, don’t you think it’s important to have the experience doing it before you delegate it? Because your virtual assistant (VA) may be better at it than you, but it is still your business. I believe it is critical for every business owner to know how every function of his/her business should run, to have been in the trenches to understand what his/her employees are doing on a daily basis.

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Now, you may be saying this isn’t always the case. It depends on what you’re outsourcing of course. In some cases, your VA will be able to do things you never dreamed of doing (such as organizing your emails, creating spreadsheets and other software hacks to make your business more organized and streamlined). Stuff that you have never done, and may never have to do ever. But what I’m talking about are those tasks that are industry-specific, that most business owners feel they can just tell a VA to do and it’ll magically get done. This works in 2 ways – 1) it will enable you to help explain it to your VA better, and 2) should there be any hiccups during the process, you can easily troubleshoot it with your VA.

Finally, you need to understand your role in the process.

Once you’ve decided which tasks you will delegate to your VA, understand that you still have your role to play. Your VA is not a miracle worker and business doesn’t magically happen just because he/she is on board. Think about it this way — if there are 10 things on your plate, your VA may take 7 things off so that you can focus on 3 (either things that you are good at, and/or things that you absolutely need to do that cannot be delegated)… but you still must do those 3 things. A very simple concept, but very important to point out.

Ladies and gentlemen…. let’s get ready to Outsouuuuuuurce!




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